About Us

Edwina Ibbotson

The most important part of a hat to me, is the silhouette. I love feminine lines and hats that are beautiful from all angles. I thrive on every client’s unique drama and beauty which is emphasized by the proportions, colours and features of each couture designed hat.

Every creation is a labour of love! I make my own blocks, dye my own fabrics and feathers, create delicate flowers, petal by petal, and bead by bead. Whether you would like a classic, elegant or extravagant creation, my assistants and myself do our utmost to design the perfect headpiece to compliment your character, outfit, and the occasion.

I am lucky to have clients who consistently return year after year and yet I enjoy each new face, as it brings exciting opportunity for a new hat design and creative inspiration.

I studied millinery in London, New York and Paris and have been designing and creating bespoke headpieces for more than 20 years. I am regularly asked to judge hat competitions, contribute my pieces to museum exhibitions (V&A and Hat Works ) and collaborate with millinery and international fashion designers.

In addition to my own passion for making hats, I delight in encouraging new milliners through teaching and advising.

I believe that an exquisite hat can make you feel truly special.