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Complete and Chic with Suzannah


When a Designer meets a Milliner and their styles sync, a brilliant relationship is born. This team collaboration is a benefit for both the designer, the milliner and most importantly their mutual client. Edwina enjoys working with several talented Designers in London. Today’s blog features Suzannah.

Suzannah and Edwina have been working together for several years to create the perfect outfits for women who want to look their best. Suzannah has a nostalgic love of the fashion icons of yesterday and creates designs that embrace a combination of vintage charm with a modern edge. Her styles blend well along with their uncompromising commitment to superb craftsmanship and client satisfaction.

Audrey n Culotte Suit
Dot to Dot n Kaleidoscope Neat
Full Moon n Leavers Lace Shift

Arguably this outfit is Suzannah & Edwina’s most photographed collaboration. Created for Belinda Strudwick, Royal Ascot 2014. This bold red ensemble won “Best Outfit of the Day” by Gok Wan.

Belinda Strudwick (Right) Royal Ascot 2014
Belinda Strudwick (Left) Royal Ascot 2014

Spoiler Alert: Both Suzannah Crabb and Hetty Chedwick are wearing Edwina Ibbotson Millinery pieces for their interview with Gok Wan, at 1:34 in the video.

Suzannah Crabb

Suzannah is at Royal Ascot 2015, wearing the Classic Audrey hat in Black.

Suzannah is charming and her designs are stunning. I love working with her and am always happy to recommend my clients to her. The synergy of our collaborations are greater than the sum of it parts and that creates the best possible result for our clients.

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