The Elegance of Lace

The Elegance Of Lace 2

The Elegance of Lace


Lace offers texture, femininity and softness to the Bianca and The Falcon hats. These classic down turned brim and Trilby hat shapes have the Edwina Ibbotson flare with an added elegant flourish of lace. Whether it is dark on light or light on dark, the lace softens the clean and simple shapes, enhancing their graceful and elegant silhouette.

Bianca Lace in navy has a flattering down turned brim with an eye catching wave, covered in navy lace over a contrast  light silver blue base. It is finished with a simple contrast pinokpok band and petite bow at the back.
Bianco Lace is paired with a Suzannah Princess Dress-Coat in powder blue crepe. A beautiful classic 1950s inspiration. The soft glamorous dress coat has a vintage archive inspiration. Combined with a classic Suzannah Snap Dress is a  modern, elegant outfit for special occasions.
Biance Lace

The Falcon Lace removes any doubt that this trilby is a lady’s hat. In a delicate pink straw that is covered in a light toned pink lace. It is trimmed with a simple pinokpok band and double bow, finishing with an extra twist offering dramatic flare. It looks stunning with the simple Trapeze Line Dress-Coat. The perfect tailored outer layer to complete a chic outfit for a wedding or event. This dress can be worn alone as a dress, or as a smart coat. The Emmy London classic court shoe in the Olivia style finishes this outfit to perfection.
Falcon Lace

Edwina Ibbotson is a couture milliner who offers dyed to match custom designs for ladies of style who want that special something to set her apart. Please email or call the shop to book an appointment.

The Elegance of Lace 2

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